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This Week in Drama: October 9-16 2022

Happy Wednesday PSP community! I was off on a sick leave, but I'm back to tell you what happened last week!

Last week we've done quite a bit with set work and choreography. We've finished with learning and perfecting the songs themselves, and now we're onto learning our choreography and doing final blocking for the show! Thanks a million to Mrs. Haggie who helped us with our singing skills!

But actors weren't the only people making great strides, crew, with the help of Mr. Dubin have made amazing advancements with the set. This show has a number of unique set features, including a dock which protrudes out from the stage, which I have to admit that I'm extremely excited to use! Thanks again to Mr. Dubin for continuing to work with our tech team and helping our crew to make such an awesome set!

Reminder that tickets are now on sale, and you should book your seats as soon as possible! Check out the link on the Home or Mamma Mia Page!

And since I'm just so nice, I'll also throw in a sneak peak video of our performance of the song "Super Trooper"!

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