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This Week in Drama October 2-8 2022

Less than 4 weeks until the opening night of Mamma Mia! Tickets are now on sale, you can get them here: make sure to get them quick, before seats fill up!

This week we're still finalizing blocking for certain key scenes, building up our set, and practicing our choreography for big numbers, which I'd be lying if I said hasn't been a lot of fun.

We also did Poster Blitz this Saturday! For those who don't know what Poster Blitz is, it's a single day where parent volunteers and the cast/crew divide up everything between Folsom and Shingle Springs and hit every store center in the area to put up posters. Of course, the event is never that simple, and we always find something fun to get in trouble with! Thanks a million to all the parent volunteers that participated, and all of the cast/crew that participated.

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