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This Week in Drama: October 17-23 2022

Tech week has started!

Remember to reserve your tickets to Mamma Mia soon, shows start November 3rd!!

Last week was a lot of blocking and final choreography EXCEPT for Saturday!

Saturday was our first full dress rehearsal for Mamma Mia! We ran through the whole show and I can say with full confidence, you're going to love it! With some of the best vocal performances I've heard, amazing choreo, and an amazing energy throughout, it's well worth the price of a ticket. Not to mention , the set is beautiful! While some elements for certain scenes aren't completely finished, it's still very clear to see the beauty that awaits us on our fictional greek island.

Oh! And before I forget, if you have a business, or just want to promote an ad in the playbill, you can use this link here to see the prices: link to prices and email to commission an ad.

Just because I like you all, I'll give you another short teaser video, of Donna (played by Sienna Mills) singing "The Winner takes it all". I love this song and her performance to death and I'm certain you will fall in love with it too when you hear it next week!

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