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This Week in Drama: Mamma Mia Wrap-Up November 3-12 2022

Hey Pondo Drama! With much sadness, we finally closed off Mamma Mia! And now that the show is over, I'll finally go back to writing these blog posts for just one week.

This show has been nothing short of amazing, backed by an amazing cast and crew to create an awesome, unforgettable experience! We made some amazing memories, some weird inside jokes, and a lot of dogs. Saturday night, after the closing show and strike, we treated ourselves to a 1am Denny's visit. (Don't worry, we warned them ahead of time)

I can't possibly express how amazing it was working with such a talented cast and crew on this incredible show. And how excited I am for our next show!

On closing night, just before the final show of Mamma Mia, our director Fritz confirmed our Spring 2023 Play. The long-running soap opera The Bold and the Young is in its last days: its hunky hero has self-esteem issues, its villainous old man is more interested in soup, and its heroines are slightly psychopathic. The executive producer gives the squabbling cast an ultimatum: Complete one episode overnight or the show dies. But when the director ends up murdered, and other cast members start dropping like flies, it seems like his threat might actually come true. Can these misfits discover the murderer before the show is literally killed off? Come join us in Spring 2023 to see The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered

Here's the last of the show pictures from Mamma Mia! Thanks to everyone who either participated or came to see this amazing show! See you next week Pondo Drama!

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